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I spent some time this morning looking at some posts from other bloggers and NOT to my surprise I saw so many that were dealing with depression, anxiety, and loss. We live in a world that can be harsh and unforgiving, but at the same time is beautiful and wonderful. How is this possible and how can I see past the ugliness and get to the good stuff?

Look, nothing is perfect. There are no perfect relationships, no perfect jobs, no perfect families, no perfect anything. The world is full of imperfections, but does that mean we have to be miserable? OF COURSE NOT! It’s all in how we deal with the ugliness, how we handle those less than desirable situations. I am not saying we can dismiss depression and anxiety by changing our minds. I deal with both to some degree, and I understand an anxiety attack comes out of nowhere with no catalyst. That’s a chemical imbalance and not something that can be controlled. However, we can learn how to handle and overcome those situations so they are less paralyzing.

Loss sucks! That’s all I can say about that. I know real profound, but it does and I blame the adversary (devil). He tries to steal everything he can from us, including our joy.  We need to fight back, not roll over and play dead. We can blame whoever we want, right or wrong, but that is not going to make us feel better. (Not really) Hurting ourselves is NOT going to make us feel better. Shutting the world out is NOT going to make us feel better. These actions are going to keep us under the adversary’s thumb. SCREW THAT!! Fight back because you are worth it. How do I know you’re worth it, you may ask. Just trust me on this; you are.  Surround yourself with positives. Find things that bring you joy. Maybe you like to bake, sing, listen to music, etc. Do those things. If you’re on WordPress, you probably like to write. Then write, write a lot. Get your thoughts out and on the screen (or paper). Take care of yourself. Eat a healthy meal, drink water, take your vitamins, go for a walk/run.

A healthy body truly is a happy body. Exercise releases endorphins (natural mood enhancers). You won’t be able to help but feel a little better. I know when depression hits, the last thing you want is to get off the couch and talk to another human being. Right? I get it. At least go for a brisk walk and get your blood flowing. At least you’ll be off the couch for 30 minutes or so.  Change what you think about. You have complete control of your thoughts. Force yourself to think about something good, anything that is not related to your hurt.

I don’t have all the answers and I am not an expert. But I do know what these things feel like, and I do what I can to move past them. Some days are easier than others, some days I wake up in a funk and I don’t do any of these things because I can be slightly stubborn, but when I put on my big girl panties and look in the mirror, I say a few profanities and tell myself, Screw it! I deserve better and so does my family.” Then I go do something productive and get on with it. Does it shake my funk? Sometimes, not always. I won’t lie, there are days no matter what I do I can’t shake it. However, I did have a few minutes of positive thoughts while blogging, or running, or cooking; and to me those few minutes were better than nothing. At least for now, but tomorrow is a new day.

Be well, Loves