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My recent posts have been on the serious side, so I thought I would take a moment and try and bring a small smile to your face.

We don’t usually do a big Easter dinner. Most of our family live in different states and my Mother-in-Law moved in with us a year ago so we have always kept it simple and went with the flow. It seemed a little important to my Mother-in-Law that we have something this year. She said it didn’t matter but she asked like 3 times if we wanted ham. All 3 times I assured her that the boys would love to have ham. (The girls in our family are vegetarians) So on the 4th time, I told her to go buy the ham, that it would be absolutely wonderful to have it, and that it was a grand idea. I had to play it up, or else she would most likely ask again, and probably make a few more snide remarks about what I would make for the girls to eat. It has taken me a year to get to the point where I can (for the most part) ignore the unintentional jabs at my eating habits.

So she makes this ham and asks if she can add it to the scalloped potatoes I made. “Sure, go ahead!” I told her. At this point, I didn’t care if she added Captain Crunch to the potatoes, I just wanted her to have what she wanted because the rest of us did not care, one lick, what we were having. As long as we ate, we would be happy. She seemed to be the only one that had a strong opinion, although she insisted it did not matter to her. LOL

A little back story: My Mother-in-Law stays, for the most part, in her room. She feels she’s intruding or something. I don’t know. After about 6 months I stopped begging her to join us. It’s an open invitation, and I don’t baby anyone. We are “come as you are” kind of people. What you see is what you get. 

So, she’s in her room and I tell her everything is ready, if she is hungry we can all eat now. She says she’s hungry and I go to load up the kid’s plates. I get everyone set and the hubby is sitting and waiting to say a prayer. (It’s been about 5 minutes since I told her it’s time to eat) I ask him to wait for his mom because she is NOW taking out the trash. LOL I could only laugh! She chose “now” to do this task. Okay, whatever…she finally makes it to the table and we say a prayer. She then leaves AGAIN! Wasn’t this what she wanted? I laughed to myself and ate my delicious oat-crusted tofu and salad. (It was awesome, by the way) She returns and joins us for dinner. At one point our son wants seconds and I explain how to shave a piece of ham. This is driving my MIL crazy because he is butchering the ham. My logic is, he needs to learn, who cares, but she’s in a small panic. My son returns with his ham and she tries to be quiet about the dang ham, but makes a comment how our son needs to marry a professional ham slicer. This sends him into a hysterical laughing spell, but not before he takes a giant gulp of chocolate milk. YEP! You guessed it, a chocolate milk shower all over the table and into the living area. He made it on the couch, all over the 4 yr old, who for some reason was laying upside down on the couch inside of sitting at the table, and he hit our oldest’s computer which was a good 7 feet from the table. So that initiated a bickering war between the 2 teens.

We all laughed and I forgot all about the tension I was feeling. My son had saved me from an anxiety attack that was sure to rear its ugly head. It was a perfect Easter dinner and I wouldn’t have changed a thing, except I should have had him help me clean up all the milk, but I just smiled to myself as I wiped it all up, and said a silent prayer; thanking God for my awesome family.