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Note: I haven’t written poetry in more years than I can remember. However, I read something recently about how an individual couldn’t stand the silence. They feared the quietness of their surroundings. This is the result of me contemplating what I felt in the silence. (As a mother of 3 I don’t get this very often 😉 I hope it it relates to some of you. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I may have a panic attack publishing this. *takes deep breath and hits “publish”*

Silence does not bring the uneasiness
Quietness does not yield the nervousness
I welcome it like an old friend;
That brings me comfort and tranquility

Silence is the friend that doesn’t question
Quietness doesn’t judge; but lets me think
I can freely have my thoughts without coercion
I can breathe a deeper breath than with the noise

Silence doesn’t try to fix it
Quietness doesn’t have to understand
I can feel what I want, without fear of disappointment
I don’t have to hide behind a false persona

Silence allows me to think and to be still
Quietness allows me to rest and to release
I can forget for a while or make a decision
I can plan my next step or sleep

Silence asks for nothing in return
Quietness expects nothing from me
I can sit in the silence and dream
I can sit in the quiet and write

Silence is not something I want all the time
Quietness is not my one true friend
It is something I enjoy and need at times
But there are times when it is just lovely to share with someone else; the silence


COPYRIGHT © Jennifer Novak and perfectlyimperfect05