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So things have been rather quiet around here, which is very odd. It’s amazing when you take one child out of the mix (he’s got the stomach bug) and it changes the whole dynamics of things. There’s no one tormenting the 4 yr old, making her scream that horrific, blood-curdling scream. (I hate that scream) All he has to do is chase her and she screams like she’s a star in a horror movie. I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. So what did we do on this quieter than usual day? I took a break from work and planned a birthday party with our 4 yr old. The question we had was, “Who’s birthday do we celebrate?” The only logical answer was Simba, of course. Yes, you know Simba, Mufasa’s son, the new king of the pride. Why Simba, you ask. Well, at the moment it is her favorite stuffed animal and come to find out, they talk to one another all of the time. 😉

So we pulled up the stool, she picked a recipe, and she baked the best (from scratch) birthday cake ever. Of course, it had to have pink frosting and a pink candle. After dinner we sang Happy Birthday to Simba and ate dessert. What I learned from this was, we don’t have to have a reason to celebrate. We should celebrate because we can. I had a sweet time (no pun intended) teaching Jordyn to make a cake from scratch and she had a ball making a mess, and then we enjoyed the time as a family; singing to Simba and stuffing our faces. We took pictures and videos to capture the moment. LOL

Lately, I haven’t been enjoying those “moments”. You know, the ones you swear you won’t forget, but do. I promised myself I would life my life with no regrets, (which I will touch on at a later date) but I found myself filling my time with “stuff” that I thought was more important. Well, I didn’t think it was “more” important, I just felt felt like I HAD to take care of other responsibilities, first. Slowly, I am giving myself “permission” to enjoy those moments. Work was there after we baked the cake. The world did not come to an end because I left the clothes in the dryer a little longer. (They were towels, so it was all good.) We have to grab those moments and record them; on paper, in a journal, in pictures/videos, blogs, in our memories somewhere so we don’t forget them. There is a blogger who I enjoy reading because his posts make me think. In one of his recent posts he says, “I record the moments because they do matter. They are proof we existed.” http://aopinionatedman.com/2015/04/08/i-wonder/

Every moment matters, good and bad. It’s life; don’t blink or you might miss it. Give yourself a time out and do something just for fun. The world will still be there when you get back.