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Note: I had a few encouraging comments on my last poem, so I thought I would give it another shot. I am not a poet by nature (I don’t think). Who the heck knows what I am. I just want to write. LOL Your feedback is most appreciated. Enjoy!

So pure and untainted, it’s truth, undefiled

It can be difficult and it can be effortless

It can bring great peace and it can bring chaos

It can mend a broken heart and it can destruct in a single blow

It’s delicate and strong, and those that don’t want it are usually scared of it

It is something that can be so beautiful and so ugly at the same time

It is something I would want to have over the darkness of a lie

It can be just as harsh as its counterpart and just as unyielding

But it can be honored and respected;

For it can bring hope and light, and it can bring darkness and despair

As simple as honesty can be, it can be just as complicated



COPYRIGHT © Jennifer Novak and perfectlyimperfect05