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Why is it we tend to ignore our own needs? Why is what we want/need less important than someone else’s? I’m a mom, so I understand the desire to want to put your family first.  It’s what we do. But let’s just take a moment and explore that deep emotion we hide so easily; the desire to want/need something that is for pure pleasure. I’m not referring to needs like medical attention, food, shelter…. I’m referring to that one thing we tuck away because we just don’t have time right now, or it’s not that important. “I need to take care of this first.” Well guess what my friends; the time is not going to just happen. When we have a moment, life fills that time with something else. We HAVE TO make the time. We make time for everything else; why not make the time for that simple pleasure. I have a friend that I try to meet for coffee once a week, but we both allowed life to fill up every moment of our day. So we went MONTHS without seeing one another. We decided we just had to make the time and make it work.

My simple pleasure is writing. I always put it off, I never have time to just sit and write. Want to know a secret? I wrote a novel 15 years ago. FIFTEEN!!! YEARS!!!! Why didn’t I do anything with it? I didn’t have the time, duh! It sat and sat and sat and became dated. So now….I am updating it; page by page; line by line; word by word. This manuscript was written so long ago that when I read it for the first time in years, I was curious why the character didn’t use her cell phone in that emergency situation. LOL It wasn’t a common thing for people to have a cell phone, when I first wrote the novel. J That’s what I mean by updating it. (I could make it a historical-fiction novelJ)

I’m slowly working writing back into my very busy life. I won’t even get into what a day is like for me, but I make it work. It brings me joy and I find myself more relaxed (when I’m not stressing over sentence structure). I need this time, and I might not get as much time as I want, but if I have 10 minutes you know darn well I’m going to write something. I have to! It’s who I am, and I am just realizing this, which makes me a little sad. But the important thing is I’m realizing it, so I don’t waste any more time pushing it aside.

What is your “I don’t have time for it” thing? What do you tuck away for the “future”? What is it, that silently calls for you from the depths of your mind, that you KNOW will bring you a little bit of happiness if you could just have an hour to yourself?

Here’s my challenge for you…Decide what your “I don’t have time for it” thing is, and promise yourself (and me) that you will give it your attention sometime THIS WEEK. Doesn’t matter if you get 5 minutes or an hour, just DO IT! Write, sing, exercise, play with your kids, play a game you enjoy, nap, clean, bake, whatever brings you that contentment. (Yes, for some people, cleaning is a joy.) Pull it out of the depths of your mind and bring it to the present. Don’t wait for the future because the future will NEVER be the present.