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I have been invited to join in the Alphabet Soup. http://thoughtsofaninternetperson.com/2015/04/16/chain-game-alphabet-soup-a-for-avarice/   I am going to dabble in the poetry again; however, this one is very simple and basic. Thought I would attempt a rhyming piece; a Quatrain.  Hope you enjoy.


The word is scrawled on a notepad beside me

A haunting word that I never thought to describe me

A word that was meant to refer to the physical

I now see it to resemble something untypical

More of a feeling, something I cannot shake

The more I contemplate the more I ache

This is not me, I know I am more

I will not stand for it anymore

I will see my reflection, a mirror unbroken

I am me, accept that; I am not BROKEN


For those interested in joining, I tag:

1. Finding My Verse

2. betternotbroken

3. Jump For Joy (Thinking we could get a really cool photograph representing your word) 😉

Anyone can join. It’s a simple and fun way to get outside our box and to also find some more really cool blogs!