Very thought provoking. Books are a necessity for me.

Sharing Pieces of Wisdom

Just a few years ago, entertainment lived in books. People read–a lot. Today, people use social media and the internet for entertainment. Many only read to study. It is no wonder that many of us dislike books. It’s like a chore, a duty. Many do not read for entertainment. A few days ago, my class had a random discussion on books. I listened to many opinions from my classmates about experience. To my surprised, everyone that spoke up to the teacher did not support books. Students claimed that knowledge and wisdom can only be truly gained through experience alone. Experience is key to wisdom, they say. But is that true? They claimed that books gives an opinion of someone else and that books cannot truly give them the full experience as encountering it. Books can also be bias. They gave examples of books describing nature versus people actually experiencing nature. Their arguments are…

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