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Today has been a huge day of preparations, and it’s not over yet. I thought I would take a MUCH NEEDED break and tell y’all what I’m up to.

First thing in the morning, me and my 3 kiddos are jumping on a plane and heading to Chicago! We are so excited, and the 4 yr old doesn’t know where we are going, which makes it even more fun. My niece turned 6 last week and my mom is flying us up to surprise her. Unfortunately, my sweet husband can’t get off of work so he will stay home with his mom because, well, she’s not invited. I know that sounds terrible, but this is supposed to be a happy, fun weekend! As I’m preparing; doing laundry, finishing up some work, packing, running to the store for last minute items; I am reminded of why I need to get away. It is so difficult to handle my anxiety when one of the main triggers lives in my house. It saddens me because I want to bless her and make her feel at home, but she refuses to be happy. Honestly, she REFUSES. So this quick trip, back to my home state, is very much needed.

These next 4 days will be a time for me to refresh myself and relax my mind. I have a 3 hour flight, which if all goes as planned (enough activities to keep the little one occupied), I will have time to think and write. But right now, I’m still at home counting the hours until we leave. My 2 oldest decided they would wait until TODAY to clean there rooms. My daughter started her closet at around 10 AM. It is now 5 PM. Do you know where she is? YEP, IN HER CLOSET!!! That is how bad it was. I kid you not! And another great thing about her cleaning her room…everything she is done with and no longer wants, is lovingly placed in the game room that I cleaned. Why? Why does that seem like the logical place to put unwanted items? UGH! The used to put it in the little one’s closet, until I put the kabosh on that one.

I’m also very excited to see my dad. He doesn’t know me and the kiddos will be there and he flies in a few hours after us. I haven’t seen my dad in several months and miss him dearly. He’s ALWAYS good for a laugh and a lot of sarcasm, and of course you add that to my brother, who is a duplicate personality as my father (but don’t tell him that), and you have one rip-roaring, obnoxious, and annoying weekend. I can not wait!

Of course I’m taking all of you with me, but don’t expect deep dish pizza and beer. I grew up on that and now really don’t care for it. However, you can expect some fun photos of me making a birthday cake for my niece in the shape of a crown. This should bring a few laughs.

My hubby came home from work early and is now playing pet shops with the little one. I better go hang out with them for a bit and finish packing. 5 AM will be here before I know it.