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One of my favorite bloggers is Vanessa at https://romancedonewrite.wordpress.com/ . She has a variety of writings and one of the things she does is Flash Fiction. She is very good at drawing the reading in, with 150 words or less. You should check her out here.

So she has inspired and encouraged me to give it a go. I believe this will be a great exercise in helping me develop my writing. I thank you all in advance for reading, and would love your constructive feedback.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime (150 word)

She had waited her entire life for this one moment and now she was about to tell the one person in the world that mattered, that she had succeeded. She ran up the stairs, breathless from the combination of lack of oxygen and excitement, and burst into the office. Her heart swelled at the sight of him, and a wide, bright smile played across his lips when he saw her.

“They called! They want me to fly out at the end of the month!” The words shot out like rapid fire.

David quickly made his way to her and spun her around. “We’re moving to Los Angeles!” Becca squealed with delight.

David set her down and looked into the deep gold of her eyes; his own heart seemed to stop.

“Becca, I can’t go with you.”

His words exploded in her head like the sound of heavy gunfire; no survivors.